The words EVERY Mommy dreads hearing from their tiny toddler’s room at the butt crack of dawn…”MOOOOOMMMMYYYY, OHHHH MOMMMMMYYYY…Hurry Get Me I WEAKED!”

I drag my half awake self into her room this morning, she’s laying there with a huge grin on her face and she cheerfully exclaims, “Hi Mommy, I miss you, I weak!”–her diaper let loose at some point in the night like I’ve never seen before.  Yay.  No coffee for this lady–my whole routine is jacked now.  I had to leave to head to work with no coffee–not a good start to my day!

This brings me to my next frustrating subject–Potty Training.  At 18 months old this little girl of mine wanted to play with the potty, wanted to sit on the potty.  We bought her a potty chair.  We role played her baby going potty.  She was enthralled!  I thought, “YES, this is going to be so easy!” WRONG!  She taunted me for 3 months, pretending to want to potty, but never actually going potty.  Then one day she stopped being interested in the potty.  Today, at 2.5 years old if you even as much as mention, “Do you want to go poo poo/pee pee on the big girl potty?” she freaks out, “NOOO I NOT POTTY!”.  I am not pushing the issue.  I ask once and leave it alone, but what gives?

I don’t even know where to begin…Lord Give me strength!  Any thoughts?



3 thoughts on ““I WEAK”…

  1. I’d wait, if your child isn’t into it, I’m not sure its worth the stress (even though it would be so much better to just be potty trained by the time they are 3) my 3 and 1/2 year old boy is still at the “playing potty” stage.

  2. Just wait! Our little one wasn’t ready, she threw a tantrum, broke a lamp, sliced her foot open and needed 6 stitches… 3 months later, she did it all by herself. Not worth the hassle!

  3. Oh yes.. potty training.. a period of time I have sort’ a blurred out of my memory haha. I started my son when 2, it took a few months (and I had a newborn at the time).. not fun. He was ready, but I think with having the second child it threw him off a little.. I am not looking forward to my other one potty training, I hope its easier the second time around!

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