My Husband The Knife Connoisseur…

As I’m rinsing the dishes to load them into the dishwasher this afternoon, the copious amount of knives in the sink really caught my attention.  I rinsed the huge butcher knife (I am too afraid to touch that beast), 3 paring knives, 5 steak knives and a “bread” cutter knife–ALL those knives were used by him in a less than 24 hour period?  Why the butcher knife…I don’t recall any large mammalian carcass being savagely shredded in my kitchen for dinner last night?

My husband is a kitchen knife freak.  The “Iron Chef” within this man comes out…even when cooking eggs for the girls in the mornings.  We have 2 extremely armed knife blocks in our kitchen, and an insane amount of knives without a wooden “home” lurking within the drawers in our kitchen.   Who needs that many knives?  My hubby thinks they are necessary.  I just use one knife to cut EVERYTHING–he absolutely hates me for that!  That one knife is my favorite–dull enough that I know I won’t chop my fingers off and sharp enough to cube potatoes AND it will “almost” nicely cut a tomato (whatever I’m going to eat it anyway…it doesn’t have to be pretty)!

My husband is serious about his knives–he even yells at me for using the glass cutting board instead of the wood one for cutting food, he says it will dull them faster…eh, most times when he’s not around I just used the counter top–shhh!!!   He makes me laugh!  Bustin’ out the HUGE wooden cutting board to chop an onion–WITH the butcher knife! LOL–oh the mental image!

What about you?  Are you a “Knife Connoisseur”?  What about your significant other?


Welp..guess I was wrong about the “Butcher Knife”…it’s technically called a “Chef’s Knife”–hehehe!!!


5 thoughts on “My Husband The Knife Connoisseur…

  1. I know nothing about knives, yet I spent quite a hefty amount of $$ on Christmas for the hubby because he wanted the Shun Reserve 3-Piece Knife Starter Set. I am terrified of these. They are so incredibly sharp, I barely use them, yet I do most of the cooking… Go figure!

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