If you need a little break…


You throw your toddlers into their car seats and you drive your happy hiney to Target!

Target is my home away from home…my sweet sweet mecca…my means of “escape” when I need a break and every other person in my life has a “real” job and can’t babysit at 2 o’clock in the afternoon!

Target also has STARBUCKS!!!

Target also has CLEARANCE end caps which causes me to buy more crap than I could possibly use or need.

Where else can you go that you can toss your littles into a cart, strap them down and cruise aisle after aisle of amazingness all the while enjoying a delicious coffee beverage?!

I will make excuses just to go to there…oh darn I only have 1/2 a bottle of liquid dish soap left…”Girls go find Mommy your shoes!”…my oldest responds with GLEE…”Mommy…we go to Target now?!”

I also get a giggle when my husband comes home and sees the remains of a Target trip on the counter in our kitchen and all he does is let out a deep sigh and shakes his head…I mean what else does he want from me?  I go no where else…I think I need to go on a mini vacay for just 4 days…and I will bet $100 he goes to Target ATLEAST twice–he will then understand the need, the fire, the impulse that I can’t contain!

I know there are more of you Target junkies out there…Please share!!!

Oh and P.S.–I actually went to Target today and it was glorious!  I feel like a new woman now!


6 thoughts on “If you need a little break…

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  2. Lol I just came back from Target!! I love that massive bus-like cart they have where you can strap in 2 kids facing forward.. the boys love it. I let them loose in the toy isle, and I can take a little nap with my eyes open. haha.

  3. Target is great, the Starbucks is great…they starting putting them in after our 1st child and my husband and I were like “we ALREADY live here…what are they trying to do to us” its almost our date-place-with-the-kids esp. since they have the triple stroller for all 3 of my boy-boys……LOL

    • LOL! So funny you mentioned “date”–my hubby and I RARELY get to go on dates and it seems that when we do we always make a pit stop by Target before our date ends and we have to return home! I should just own stock in Target!

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