Let’s Talk Dirty…

LAUNDRY!!!!  No I don’t mean gossip, I mean the “stuff” that keeps piling up behind the closed door on the first floor of my house–I swear I have nightmares that the HUGE pile is threatening to eat my toddlers!

Yep, I’m that kind of mom–the kind of mom that just closes the door to the laundry room, only goes in to rummage through the pile and find the “necessities” and run a quick load!  I’m the kind of wife that will wash my husband’s boxers when he’s finally down to wearing the boxer briefs at the bottom of his sock and undies drawer–I know he’s down to the bottom when he’s grumbling to me over coffee first thing in the morning saying, “These things are just riding up…please wash some clothes!”

Don’t even get me started on folding the clean clothes with 2 little girls under the age of 3 running around–It’s a losing battle.  Most of the time the clean clothes sit in the basket, unfolded and we pick through them.  IF I am lucky enough to have a moment of peace and quiet to actually fold the laundry–we pick from the baskets of folded laundry.  To be honest if I had a moment of peace and quiet…haha I surely would NOT be doing laundry.  In fact I am not even sure what I would do with SOLID peace and quiet.

I’m also going to admit to you that our master bedroom is not the sanctuary of relaxation that you all THINK that I have…oh no no no…there are piles of laundry in there too, and a pile of laundry our master bathroom floor.  But wait…I know you might be thinking, “How terrible and so gross!”…but I assure you the laundry is removed from my “sanctuary” every week and placed behind the closed door on the first floor!  That’s SERIOUS progress in this house!

There have been a few times over the course of the past 6 months that EVERY stitch of clothing was washed, folded and put away in our house–you could actually see to the bottom of the hampers in the laundry room and there wasn’t so much as a sock on the floor!  Those few times were HUGE moments of pride for me–and I threatened the lives of every breathing being in our house that it better “Stay This Way!’…and I digress within a few short days the fond moments of a clean laundry room and all of the clothes tucked neatly in drawers had become a faded memory.

It’s really not as bad as it seems, the girls have clean clothes on their little bodies everyday and yes, my husband doesn’t run around in 3 times worn pants (that I am aware of).   It’s just that me and laundry have a serious love/hate relationship!

What kind of laundry mom are you?!

Lord, help me to do what I’m doing with desire and confidence. I pour out my heart to You and ask You to energize my faith. Amen



6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Dirty…

  1. My laundry routine sounds just like yours, only I don’t have a door to throw the clean clothes behind because we live in an apartment. They literally just pile up in the small hallway leading from our room to the baby’s room (and then I trip on it in the middle of the night and swear I will get better about doing laundry.) It never happens. I know of a lot of mom bloggers who have designated “laundry days.” This is such a strange concept to me. Like you said, laundry day is whenever my husband starts griping about only having boxers with holes left. 🙂

    • LOL!!!! Well now I’m feeling extra Blessed to have the door to hide the laundry behind! You poor girl! As far as a designated laundry day…been there done that…I’m not sure about your little…but my littles pretty much decide how the day will run the moment their little fit touch the floor! We do what we can around here and if that means 1 load gets washed on the daily…then so be it…that’s HUGE! 🙂 On another note…our poor poor husbands! HAHAHA!

  2. Oh wow, so happy I found your blog and this post.. I may as well have written it. I’m the exact same!! Its one of those never ending battles.. glad im not the only one.. 🙂

    • I’m even more glad that I’m NOT the only one–I have beat myself up relentlessly over this problem over and over again! WELCOME I’m glad you found your way here! 🙂

  3. ugh…I finally moved my preschoolers drawers into the basement next to the washing machine…they still don’t get folded often, but when they do they go directly into the drawers..in a place where the boy-boys CANNOT pull them out in the middle of the night. I figure when they are old enough to want clothes in their room they’ll be old enough to do their own laundry

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