Todays Great Shower Debate…


The shower should be a relaxing venture…the key words “should be” ring loud and clear these days!  I’m lucky enough to have a small moment to get in, wash my face, hair…then the question arises whilst in my moment of relaxing venture: Do I have enough time to shave…BOTH legs?  Armpits ONLY?  Legs & Pits?  or Neither?…I know that as soon as both feet step into the shower I only have about 7 minutes before one or both of the girls are screaming from their cribs for me.   My debate was interrupted abruptly as I heard the youngest screaming at the top of her lungs–in my fear she would wake her older sister–“Armpits ONLY” won.

Better Luck tomorrow–sorry Hubby–the hairy legged bush woman is still lurking in around the house!

I will hide my legs under jeans today–even in 87 degree weather. Oh the JOY!


2 thoughts on “Todays Great Shower Debate…

    • OH I know it! There’s that debate also…I could only dream of a magical land where all children shared the same nap schedule and ALL Mommies were clean with shaven legs! 🙂

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