SURPRISE!!! It’s What’s For Dinner…

I wish I could tell all of you that I am so beyond Fabulous that I even plan out all of my little Family’s meals each and every day…HONEY PLEASE!   This is the real world and I’m trapped between mountains of laundry, piles of bills and 2 little girls that constantly need my attention! I’m super lucky the dishes are clean & put away–AND I got to take a shower–that’s how Fabulous it’s been in this house today!

Meals in this house, unless on a very rare and special occasion are hardly planned…they are more like a Jubilee of Surprise EVERYDAY!   Take for instance what’s on tonight’s menu–It’s Chef’s Choice…err…more like after the day I’ve had if it’s not rock hard frozen it’s going on your plate 🙂 ….The girls will be dining on Organic Waffle Fries, Free-Range/Organic Chicken Salad, Organic Red Grapes and Organic Steamed Broccoli–it’s easy, healthy and I know they won’t complain!  Win-Win ALL around!

What’s to eat for your family tonight?  Do you plan meals or do you just “wing it”?


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