Ha…Like I HAVE time…

As I stood in my kitchen on this fine August morning, Sesame Street roaring in the background, a sink full of dishes staring back at me and the girls scattering toys around the family room–I think to myself, “Hmmm…I should start a blog!”.  So here I am, the always “not enough time”, yoga pants wearing, poopy diaper changing, can’t stay on top of the laundry Mom…starting a blog.  I’m probably ready for a diagnosis of “Medically Insane”…Lord help me!  

I guess I just need an outlet.  HAHAHA!  Yeah, that’s it!  I need to put all of my borderline crazy thoughts out onto the internet for all of you to read and laugh at!

My life…hmmm…well it’s not just mine anymore, I’ve traded in all of the “Me” time, my stilettos, my manicures, my sanity and oh let’s not forget about my “figure”…well I’ve traded those things and more in for a husband (with whom I am madly in love with), a two story colonial in the suburbs, 2 cats and 2 crazy, beautiful, little girls that are 12 months apart–(SURPRISE…you really are fertile after you have a baby!)  I wouldn’t trade it, change it or go back and do anything different…I have found that God really does answer your prayers, in HIS own time and on HIS own terms!   I’m a hot mess MOST of the time…and I’m learning how to juggle it all and even get a shower in on a daily basis (I’m still trying to master this feat!).

This blog will probably be an ever evolving project…just like me and this crazy life!  In the midst of all of this crazy that surrounds me–“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”-Philippians 4:13


5 thoughts on “Ha…Like I HAVE time…

    • LOL! Truth is Truth…my Mom always said, “words of truth are often said in jest”…I’m learning to laugh at myself more…and yes I’m hoping this is my outlet…It’s either this or I start swinging the cats around by their tails…or wine…there’s always wine! 😉

  1. So funny. Im married, and have 2 dogs, and 2 little boys. I feel yah’ lol I don’t have time for a blog either, I should be in bed, or folding laundry, but somehow here I am. haha.

    • HAHAHA!!! I TOTALLY should be in bed–I suck at taking care of myself! I will crawl into bed so late, deal with the night wakings, FINALLY sleep for a few hours, wake again at 7:30am, go for a run WITH both girls, get home make breakfast…blah blah blah…aaaand well you read my laundry post..that ain’t happening! HAHAHA!

      • I relish the silence in the house.. and late nights are the only time it happens!! until they wake up of course lol. Good for you for doing the run in the morning, I go with my boys and one dog but it’s hard to keep them contained and entertained in there.. I need to be more creative! Yah the laundry is the most neglected chore around here too.. oh well, the kids don’t seem to mind right.. 🙂

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